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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does Digital Wave Technologies offer?

Digital Wave Technologies is a provider of low cost communication services. Leveraging Voice over IP technology, our phone products allow consumers and business users to be in touch with their friends, family, or office worldwide for a very low cost.

2. How is IP-Phone different from a conventional phone?

IP-Phone works very similar to a conventional phone. The difference is that Our IP-Phone uses a USB port or a RJ45 port to connect to a computer or/and Internet to send and receive calls.

3. Can I use IP-Phone to call regular and cellular phones?

Yes. Our IP-Phone can be used to call regular and cellular phones and vice versa.

4. What's the charge for using IP-Phone?

The rates vary based on the type of calls. IP-Phone to IP-Phone calls from anywhere in the world is FREE. IP-Phone from outside of the US call to regular phone inside the US cost only 3.9 cents per minute. You can also assign local Personal numbers, for a small monthly fee, to your IP-Phone and make/receive calls from a local number free of charge. At this time, we provide FREE DID numbers for some area, please click here to look up our FREE DID numbers.

5. How will I be billed?

You will not be billed. All airtime used are prepaid online. To charge your account, simply logon to your account from our web site and enter the credit card information. All transactions are secured.

6. Do I need broadband connection to use your IP-Phone?

No. Broadband connection is not a requirement. Our products work fine with dial-up connections. However, performance and quality do improve with higher bandwidth connections.

7. Do I need software to use IP-Phone?

For style i100 and i300 USB Phone, Yes. you must install our software and be logged on in order to use IP-Phone i100 and i300.
For style i400, it is an ethernet IP-Phone, NO SOFTWARE need to installto your computer.
For additional information regarding the software, please click here

8. How do I make an International Call?

The IP-Phone dialing is the same as a regular phone.
To call anywhere in the world - dial 00, the country code, city code and the phone number.
To call from the USA - dial 011, the country code, city code and the phone number.

9. Can I speed up the connection when dialing out?

Yes, hit the # key after the last dialed digit. Example: 001 213 444 5555#.

10. I made a mistake when dialing a long number. Do I have to hang up and start again?

No, simply depress the * key on the phone set to backspace out the wrong numbers dialed.


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